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Meet Jeannie Garrett and Mitzie Catron.

meet_jeannie.jpg Jeannie Garrett is the Foundation's Administrative Assistant. Jeannie manages all aspects of Foundation services. Among her many responsibilities, she handles patient resources and documentation, fund-raising, event planning and scheduling, meeting organization and coordination, etc. When you call the Foundation, Jeannie picks up the phone. She is knowledgeable about a wide range of regional resources available to help individuals in need. Jeannie provides support for the Director, Officers, and the Board, and is the "foundation" of the Foundation. Mitzie Catron is the Foundation's Patient Advocate. Mitzie provides counsel and guidance for new and current patients and works as a liaison between patient needs and Foundation services. As a patient or caregiver, Mitzie will be your "go to" contact at the Foundation.

Together, Jeannie and Mitzie make an unbeatable team as they work to provide regional cancer patients with much needed support, helping with transportation, cost for treatments, medication expense, and medical supplies. For patients, cancer is a terrifying battle for their lives...Jeannie and Mitzie are dedicated to making a difference by being there to help with the fight.

Cancer Outreach Foundation Officers

Dustin Powers, Board Chair
Judy Smith, Co-Chair
Jeannie Garrett, Administrative Assistant
Mitzie Catron, Patient Advocate

Cancer Outreach Foundation Board Members

Kim Andis Susan Blevins
Roberta Davis Priscilla Goff
Kayla Hollandsworth Cathy Hopkins
Kelley Mayden Brian Mutter
Dr. Sue Prill Jenny Sexton
Debbie Spencer Dr. Forrest Swan, Jr.
Dr. Bernard Tisdale Gary Waters